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    What's this? Consecutive month updates?

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    With Master Chief Collection and Destiny up and running there is plenty of time to game with one another. There are typically parties going on nightly with one or both of those titles. Activity guidelines are more than generous to allow for life outside of gaming but the minimum is not what we want to strive for so get online and shoot something!

    Additionally, when online and trying to get into parties be it through the "party up" function or just jumping online don't wait for the invite. Be pro-active. Send a message, send an invite and make it known you would like to get in. The same is for the opposite, if you aren't going to come, are having some sort of issue and you are getting spammed let people know so they don't spend unnecessary time waiting. Don't forget to have fun out there...If you aren't having a good time you're doing it wrong. ...
    It's been a loooong time, how have you been?

    Did you notice some things around the site are different, like bigger avatars? It may have scared you. Don't be scared. It is just me pushing buttons. You may also notice some weird and broken things. That..might also be me! butletsallagreetoblameenvyforthem.

    We'll probably (probably) be doing more things, so keep an eye out if you want. We have been targeting a lot of the main areas like threads, postbits, profiles and whatnot, but also the horribly janky areas of the site that make me cry at night when I think about them. In these areas we will mostly be improving colours, consistency, simplification, or implementing suggestions. Which, by the way, gives me a great segway into the next paragraph.
    Hello all!

    The summer months are upon us and everyone is enjoying them. A quick update is in order. Activity is good, many members playing together on multiple games. Halo, Destiny, and Smite seem to be the most popular. This is a good time to pester friends to try a new game you enjoy. Be persistent, persuasive, and use the party up feature in advance if possible. It gives people a chance to see it, as not everyone checks the site every day. Maybe your favorite game will become a new favorite among the group!
    Announcing NEWS!

    OcR is celebrating 10 years of baddassery and we're wanting everyone to come and join us!!

    This year yours truly is hosting OcR LAN 2015, being held Memorial Day Weekend (Friday MAY 22nd - Tuesday 26th) in Dallas Texas!

    If you live in or around the DFW area, know someone that does or are just looking to get out of town for the weekend, this is not something you're going to want to miss!

    Early planning has begun and an All-Star lineup is planned (with more signing up every day)!


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