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    Unbelievable an actual front page new article; from this year!

    First, let me apologize to all of you for your staff and overlord team being less than active in the past 6-7 months. Just like many of you we got burnt out on Halo 4 and although there was a brief jump in activity during Titanfall and the Destiny Alpha/Beta they were just drops in the bucket in terms of what is required for our activity and game longevity. I promise that in the coming months that will change, one way or another; and by the end of this year we will reevaluate our activity requirements for all members, staff and overlords.

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    Today we celebrate the life of an outcast lost.

    Earlier this week, on Wednesday night, our good friend OcR Gimp (previously Gimp Tactics, AngelEyes and any number of other 1-month gamertags) passed away in his sleep at his home in Cambridge. Ben, a 5+ year member of Outcast Reborn, will be remembered for his great personality, sense of humor and ability to never let the substantial time difference get the best of him. He passed peacefully, and we wish his family and friends the best in this time of mourning. Our condolences to the Peacock family.
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    Well itís that time again my friends. What do Halo, mass alcohol consumption, white sand beaches and three plus days full of shenanigans and quotable comments have in common? Thatís right ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited write-up for the OcR LAN 2013 in Destin, Florida! For those of you who were there, this can only hope to scratch the surface of the memories, moments and sheer ridiculousness that went on constantly. For those of you who were not, it will serve as a window into arguably one of the best vacations ever for many of us. So you are asking yourself what exactly did happen down there? What was the LAN all about? Where was it at? So on and so forth. Well weíll start from the beginning...I know we've got some big shoes to fill with this write up. So Rowe Iíll try and do you right.
    Getting down to business. Weíve got some important info (mostly directed towards our members) for you this afternoon. Much has been brewing behind the scenes and the leadership is happy to pull back the proverbial curtain. Shall we?

    First on the docket today: membership and activity. Overall, we have a very active community - and we hope to keep it that way. However, there has never been any sort of formality regarding what happens when our friends, brothers and sisters fall away from Outcast Reborn. What is retiring? Who does it apply to? How do we make the decision? Itís never been written down to date, but thatís changing. A full-blown (member only, sorry allies and associates) version is stickied in the member's section. Hereís the skinny... ...

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