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    Afternoon all. Are you interested in being part of OcR? Are you already part of OcR? Either way come join us for regularly scheduled evenings of fun!

    The leadership team will be hosting several game nights each week for existing members, brand new members, recruits, applicants, and gamers brand new to OcR. The first non-member inclusive evening will be this coming Sunday. We encourage new members, those in the application process and those that are simply curious about OcR to come join us. Please see our Party Up section and sign-up if you can make it!
    How's life OcR? Mine is pretty darn awesome, busy, but awesome. 10 Years ago we were Outcast Revenge, a disorganized Halo 2 clan with ambitions of being something bigger. I never thought a decade later we would still be here going strong. OcR is in a good place, we have a strong active membership base. Each night I sign on, I often have a choice of what game I wish to play with friends. Site stability and activity are decent and leadership is pushing for more community events to strengthen all of the above. All in all, we are good - but - are we great?
    Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great holiday season so far. I know you're all probably very busy, but we've got a few quick things to announce before we bring in the new year. Think of them like early Christmas gifts!

    Halo 5 Leaderboards are Live!

    We cut it close, but the Halo 5 leaderboards are now live. Head on over to and check it out. You guys may notice; only the Overview tab is active at the moment. This is intentional. The new format of leaderboard is quite time consuming to build, so we have chosen to release each tab as we complete them. We agreed it would be best to give you guys something now (even if it's an overview) rather than waiting months to see anything. Use it, test it, abuse it, and let us know of any suggestions. We will be updating other leaderboards using a similar format so improvements are beneficial.
    Hello everyone! it’s about that time again, another monthly update is here -and- prepare yourselves, because it’s a big one. Right now, you all may be saying “whoa whoa whoa, Cake, where was the October update?” and well, not a whole lot happened in October aside from Halo 5’s release so we thought it would be good to hold off on that talking point until we all had some time to get familiar with the game. So without any further delay, sit back, relax and enjoy.

    On Halo 5

    Like I hinted above, the biggest news here is Halo 5 has finally dropped! Many were skeptical (and for good reason) but the general consensus seems to be that the game has a solid foundation - with few (fixable) issues – while feeling more of a natural successor to Halo 3 than Reach or Halo 4 ever were. Many were surprised by how much of an adjustment was required initially; getting used to the new balances and mandatory pistol starts, but once acclimated, people seemed to agree the game feels ‘good’ to play.

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