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    Hey everyone, just a quick update for now.

    Some of you may have noticed the donation bar has gone up. As of Monday (June 6th) we only have enough for 1 or 2 more months of server cost for the website. A few people have donated since this time, however, if you have yet to - or are still on the fence- we would like to ask that you please consider helping us support Outcast Reborn, any amount is greatly appreciated. As always, your donations go directly to paying for the server and any other prizes, contests, or services that benefit the community as a whole.

    Thank you to those who have donated thus far.
    Hello all, I'll be handing out this announcement today, through a little nudge of course.

    Today marks an important day for us gamers. Microsoft has introduced their support for the ability to play across networks. While it's not a guarantee that every game will be cross-platform from now on, (that part remains to be decided by the developers and other networks) it is a great leap in the right direction.

    One of the first games taking advantage of this is Rocket League. Though this effect does not take place with the PS4, Xbox and PC players can now match up together.

    Hello guys, It's time for the first update of 2016

    Halo Updates

    Halo 5 now has Grifball! Oh yeah and there is also an assault playlist which is pretty fun too I guess. In addition there were also updates to spartan customization options (better colours, ability to customize emblem colours etc) and the menu (players have level bars, can view lobby details etc), as well as a new map, Twerk Torque. There are also plans for many more FREE dlc updates in the near future, check out the link for details.
    Afternoon all. Are you interested in being part of OcR? Are you already part of OcR? Either way come join us for regularly scheduled evenings of fun!

    The leadership team will be hosting several game nights each week for existing members, brand new members, recruits, applicants, and gamers brand new to OcR. The first non-member inclusive evening will be this coming Sunday. We encourage new members, those in the application process and those that are simply curious about OcR to come join us. Please see our Party Up section and sign-up if you can make it!

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