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    (Credit given where credit is due - Thanks to OcR BubbaSkull for the blog title suggestion. I like it.)

    Well, I'm a recruit, now. And, I understand to make member status I need to be active. Makes sense.

    So, here's a bit more about myself. First off, for you who are mathematically challenged, I LIED about my age on my application. Okay, I said it! I'm old enough to be your father. Some of you, your grandfather. HA! But, I still feel 18 inside, and I really enjoy gaming.

    I've always been a computer, and graphics geek. How many of you can say that they remember the PET 64? That was pre-Commodore days, folks!

    I use to work for a big corporation. I won't mention any names (DuPont). Since I was the only computer literate back in the day of high illustration, yes, on a drawing board, I was assigned to research this new phenomenon, "desktop publishing." Back then, the only thing people knew about computers is what they saw on Star Trek, the original, with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

    Well, the company gave me carte blanche. I could buy any hardware and software I wanted to research. Afterward, it was up to me to train everyone in my department. When I was finished I quit the corporation and started my own company. Makes sense.

    I used to play a game created by Bungie called Marathon, a lot. When HALO came out I was fearful of becoming addicted. But, in 2006 I purchased a used disk on eBay, "HALO: Combat Evolved" for my Macintosh computer. It was all I played, over, and over, and over again.

    Then, in 2012 a young man who I mentored (I work with "youth" in my spare time) was selling his xbox 360. So, with reservation and fear of game addiction I bought it from him.

    Needless to say I started all over again with HALO played the way that it was meant to be played. Then, of course I had to play 2, and 3. Then, there was REACH where I discovered online multi-player. OMG, where has all my free time gone?! HALO 4, and Destiny.

    My apologies for not talking much on the battlefield unless I have to. I try to stay focused so that I don't get killed too much. So, don't anyone take it personally. I just need to get better at PvP. Some of you may laugh. But, the reason I never played much PvP in the past is because I've had this mental block of shooting at humans rather than aliens. Seriously, I know it's just a game.

    Well, enough for now. I'm probably boring most of you to tears.

    Until next time, Welcome to my k9tmare.<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2015_08/signature-150818-1130.jpg.3f71cc1cb25acd1a4c1c0593bb813a0f.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="4" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2015_08/signature-150818-1130.jpg.3f71cc1cb25acd1a4c1c0593bb813a0f.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>

  1. OcR Grav
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    So my boss is a jerk.

    Potential career change incoming.

    Not fired, not even in hot water, just the future of our department is too uncertain for my liking.

    Gonna become a locksmith potentially, I'll keep ya'll updated.

    I leave you with this.


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    Today, 8-19-14, I have burdened the willing readers on OcR with my thin slice blog posts. I will try to keep them brief and tightly focused.

    Released today is Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for consoles. I have played all of the Diablo games up to III and decided to wait for it until they worked out all the bugs AND brought it to console. When it was announced I jumped on it and pre-ordered from Best Buy (who profits GREATLY - along with Steam - from my gaming addiction). So today I was waiting in my office patiently for UPS to arrive... and it didn't come. Damn. "I'm a Elite-Plus member and a Game Club member - where the hell is my game!" and lo and behold.... it will be here tomorrow. I threw my little tantrum and then realized "they are saving me from myself anyway, I really don't have time today for the inevitable 8 hour stint into D3..." That will have to wait for the weekend.

    Counter Spy came out today for the PS4 - tempted to get it however they say the gameplay has issues.... might wait for a sale and a patch or two.

    In honor of my gaming addiction and desire to one day do something in the industry I have become an Enforcer at PAX Prime. Next week I fly to Seattle to work the show and enjoy the Northwest's finest city (Portland is a close second in my book) and take in HUGE crowds (which can be challenging), study and game as much as I can as its my only solo vacation without the family.

    My boys are back in school and its... weird. So damn early... and having a boy in high school is ... different. His younger brother will be there in another 2 years. So things are ramping up and I am now getting lots of hockey related stuff, even though the season starts in November.

    Most of all it feels like Destiny will NOT come soon enough. I will have to really clamp down on my playtime as I have been known to obsess and play the hell out of games to my detriment when something this good comes along (like playing through The Last of Us in 2.5 days and being an obsessed completionist it took 25 hours to play through...)

    Lately I have finished, in addition to The Last of Us, Watchdogs (decent but not incredible) and am about 1/2 or so through Wolfenstein: The New Order and completed Max Payne 3 (I love Rockstar's games...).

    If anyone is curious you can find my reviews of games on Metacritic under Natarja:

  2. I miss you guys, I can go into detail with whats up with me these days but am really more interested in whats up with everyone around here.

    so, hey guys, whats been up?

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    • The previous changes to post controls broke the post area in PM's - Now Fixed except for quote button.
    • Background for the status icons in profiles has been enlarged to accommodate a line break when there are too many active to fit horizontally.
    • Improved column divider on the Who's Online Page.
    • Modified the details under the Who's Online Map.
    • More Alignment fixes.

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    Hello Everyone. This is FEAR FR33BORN speaking and i will like to tell you all everything you need to know about who i am and what i do. I am Gamer, Entertainer, Art/Graphic Designer, Music Artist, Sponsor Organizer and i help community websites and advertise peoples pages, websites, clans, videos, forum threads, community's, clubs, groups, and anything to support people. I am from Fosston, Minnesota, United States and i've lived here all my life and i am taking classes for Art/Graphic Designing and my future job is to work at 343 Industries and help them make video games and if i can want to have another job for making music for people as well if possible. I am part of many website's i am part of Halo Community, The Real Forums, The Halo Forums, The Halo Council, Twitch, XBL Gamer Hub, Grifball Hub, Rooster Teeth, Forge Cafe, Ready Up Live, Major League Gaming, Gamespot, Tumblr, Raptr, Youtube, Youtube Social, 343, and billions of more websites i am because i want to do want i can to support Website's and other community's and clan's and groups need for support. I am 19 years old and i have been part of the Halo Community for some time now and i am on it almost 100% of the time because there's Great people and great events to have fun on and many more to the website and i would do anything for this Site because it's amazing website for Halo Social wise in the Gaming Community. There's things i been looking for years in my gaming life and its always been a Montage for Halo games and Call of Duty games because i want to well known for gaming and be more in tournaments then anything else in the world. I spend my life playing Team Swat on Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 3 and keeping rank as being the #1 in my State for Team Swat because having a great Achievement come great Reputation and all i want is Great Reputation in this world and nothing more. I have been playing Halo sense Halo Combat Evloved was launched and i have nothing against the Halo series and the games Bungie made where amazing and now that 343 Industries owns Halo now i want be part of it and help them make halo. My friends on Xbox Live i love playing with are HC Survival and HC Superstar BR and all the members and staff members from Halo Community as well and i also enjoy playing with Coolhandjim73. RaGnarock 2215, REDNECK NINJA14. STA CROHNS. STAxTOASTx, B1azinCharizard. Beached Bru 420, Cruel Divinity, D4RK A3THER765, ddwear13, DisjoinedHook37. Eltharad. GHosT x FuSiioN, Gr0up X. H35 Overkill, HC ItsDUFFY, HC Velociraptor, HEY VOLSTAR, Life Remains, Perfect Demise, tH Hype, TadpoleAB1608, K1LL3RWOSQ1TO, zFR33BORNz. ThatBump, xSPARTANEL1TE and millions more gamers i enjoy playing games with. I love listening to Halo Soundtracks when i am on Halo Community because its very comforting to do. I don't take trash talking by no one and i don't like it when people Tea Bag and i don't smoke or drink and i do what ever i can to have fun when i am gaming. Thats all you need too know about me and i would love to game with you and your friends sometime so Send me a Message or Game Invitation sometime.

    Gamertag: FEAR FR33BORN My very own Personal Emoticon.

    <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_06/FreddyAnim01.gif.9fe241c72e5a408a722e32032a50c78f.gif" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="3" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_06/FreddyAnim01.gif.9fe241c72e5a408a722e32032a50c78f.gif" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>


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    Today is day 2 of E3 2013 and I have now had time to digest all of the new information delivered by Sony and Microsoft. My opinion though is still much the same as it was last night, Sony is the clear winner. Now before I jump into this I would like to just take a moment to say that everything I am about to post is just my opinions/feelings on what i have seen so far. In no way is this ment to enrage anyone with differing opinions because when it comes down to it, the choice you make between Sony and Microsoft in this upcoming console war is entirely up to you and should be based on the features that you like better. I decided to post this as a blog simply to not take up room in the forums with a long post that maybe a lot of people dont want to read. Also I just love talking about this stuff so this blog entry is more for my personal enjoyment than anything else.

    With that out of the way, on to the meat of this. I have absolutly no clue what Microsoft is doing. How they could misjudge their core audience so badly leaves me befuddled and confused. When you think about it, what decisions have they made that leave you truely excited? Sure, the tv abilities, Kinect, and sports stuff will excite some. But what about everyting else? What about the checking in online every 24 hours just to play your game? What about the blocking of used games? What about just their smug attitude about it all? Their attitude right now about games is basically that when you buy a game, you dont own it. All you are doing is purchasing the right to play it. And since you do not own it you are not allowed to do what you want with it unless the publisher says its ok. Well I'm sorry Microsoft, but it does not work like that. If i buy anything else...lets say a fold out chair. Am i not free to take that chair to the park if i want to sit in it? Am i not free to loan it to someone if they are having a dinner party and need extra seating? Last time i checked i was free to do that. So, why is a video game any different?

    Look, I get where Microsoft is coming from. The used game market does cut into profits that the devs would make otherwise. But not to be a jerk about it, that really is'nt my, or any other consumers, problem. The easy thing for them to do is to put that on the consumers though, instead of attacking the problem that really exists. That problem, as i see it, is the fact that the devs do not get a cut from gamestops used sales. Now my guess would be it would be damn near impossible for anyone to get gamestop to hand over x % to the devs for that resale. So, why not try to cut them out in other ways? Like, stop this $60 flat rate for games and make the price more of a sliding scale based on content? How about lowering the price after x amount of days so its not always so much cheaper just go get a used copy? Maybe offer it as a digital download for cheaper than it would be for a physical copy. Would this stop used games, no, it wouldnt. But maybe you recoup more money than you would have otherwise. This would also help make it look like you were trying to keep good faith and help out the gamers, rather than screw them over and price gouge them over their loved hobby.

    But Microsoft does not seem to understand this, and they are acting like they are so big that they can do whatever they want with blatant disregard for how a consumer thinks or feels. It really isnt a bad move for them to try to expand to a more universal media format. I just think that it could be handled better. Right now they come across like they forgot who got their console department where it is today. Its not the soccer mom, or grandma that did it, it was the GAMERS. The gamers are the ones that get hyped up for a new console and stand in line for hours to try to get their hands on one right at launch. But instead of treating us like they cared and appreciate us, I feel like now they are just treating us as a neccessary evil. Its got this feel of "HEY WE DO ALL THIS COOL MEDIA STUFF!!! And oh are some games but we are taking away some of your rights with owning them. Oh and we are gonna charge you more for it too". I dont know about you but that makes me unhappy just based on principle alone. And this brings me to Sonys' end of things.

    Yesterday I was having a conversation at work with another passionate gamer. This happened after watching the Microsoft E3 conferance earlier in the afternoon. My statement to him was that "Sony has the opportunity to drop a nuke on Microsoft with their conferance tonight. Microsoft did nothing to come right out and say exactly to what extent the DRM would be handled or to clear up some confusion about the used/resale of games. If Sony can come out and say how they are handling those things as well as come in at a lower price point, they will win E3 without even having to show games" After work I came home and caught the last hour of the Sony conferance only to find out Sony did exactly what i said they should do to completely win people over. $100 cheaper, no used games restriction, no need to check in online to verify your copy. Not only did they come right out and say this, but they did it in a way that was a direct shot launched over the bow to Microsoft. It had the feel of a winning verse of a rap battle, where all you need to do is just drop the mic and walk off the stage. But of course it wasnt just that, but it felt like they knew that gamers are their base and that gamers were the most important to them. Instead of a media first games second feel, its games first media second. By doing that Sony is basically saying "you can have all these cool games, and we will bring you the media stuff as well. But there is no need to take away rights and charge you more to achieve this". And this for me means game set an match Sony. I can can have all these things in a console, and not have to worry about sacrificing my rights as a consumer to do so.

    In conclusion i would like to just say during every new console phase, i try to remain company agnostic. I do my best to remove the "fanboy" from the equation and judge the new product seperate from versions past. I have had nintendo products thru gamecube, i have owned psone, and ps2. and i have owned the original xbox and the 360. For this next gen of consoles, I really wanted to like the xone. There are some franchises on there that i have really enjoyed over the years. But i just have a hard time feeling good about aligning with Microsoft again at this time. Their policies and intentional ignorance to how gamers think, as well as, attitude toward consumer rights really bothers me. So to have Sony come out and basically do the direct opposite of what Microsoft is doing, is a breath of fresh air for me and enough to bring me back to the Sony side of things.

    Again, this is not meant to anger anyone with a differing opinion. Our differing opinions is what makes us all individuals. However, I do welcome any intelligent debates that may arise from this, as long as it is kept peaceful. Thanks for reading for anyone that decided to take time out and do so!

  3. So I am slowly working on this story, sadly when I was working on this my comp crashed and I only had this on my comp, so I have this thus far.

    The story I am just calling the letters series, here is letters 1 to 6, this is still a work in progress. So yea, whats you think? I may occasionally post more of these up.


    Week 3, day 1

    So you sent me here as a scout, in a full blown war. You said nothing, NOTHING, about the war, you just said it would be a quick pop in, pop out mission and that I would only be here for a week, maybe nine days max. in the last three I have been caught by two different groups, managed to escape both times, barely, I was also shot at, on five separate occasions, almost killed twice, and fell off a cliff. I thought you held me in a higher respect. I thought you were trying to kill me after I found out there was a full on war here.

    Week 3, Day 3

    Really? You think that response calms my fear for my life? Really? Just because we have tougher skin than their shots can penetrate you think I am safe? How? Ok, I am calm now. But could you please inform me as to why you really sent me here and why these people are so important? I feel that if I am here I should be able to be allowed to know.

    Week 4, Day 1

    You didn't reply, why? What are you hiding? You said you wanted me to find the best and brightest of their race, that was all, but I want to know why. You have given me no clues to what you want them for. But from what you said I have found three members of their race, but it is hard to get close to them, their people are similar to our own, but their social structure is different to ours, and even though we claim that our social structure produces intelligence I have noted that their structure produces some that far more intelligent than the brightest in our home. What is it that you want from them?

    Week 4, Day 2

    So that's it is it? You really claim that we need to kidnap these kids and raise them in our own society? But how can we tell we have the best? Even the smartest has about average intelligence at their youngest ages? And what do you want them for? We can't just take them from their schools. We have no authority to do that here.

    Week 4, Day 3

    So that's it? You want them to be our leaders and produce a new society of people for us? Then you want the strategic thinkers to lead armies, against who? And why? Do you know what I have been through every day? Burning hot suns, freezing cold nights? And what for? Generals, Commanders? And you want them removed from their home?

    Week 4, Day 4

    Of course, you want them to fight our war, the one we have been in for decades, for almost as long as most of us have been alive. That was always your plan, take what you can, and if you find something new take that too. Why? What for? To kill our enemies when they have their own to fight.

  4. For those who don't know, I've been working at DQ. I brought in my resignation on April 3, my last day is on the 21st, thank god. I hate working there. I'll be taking up a new job as a Heavy Equipment Technician in which I'll be moving 3 hours away like I had blogged earlier, I just talked to my cousin's boss and he put me down to start May 1. No interview, no prior experience, Pizza has another job by the looks of it, making hopefully 17/hr or around there. What I thought was just a few weeks trial, looks like it's more permanent. I wasn't planning on just moving completely, but it looks like that will be the case, if I like the job that is. I'm kinda nervous/scared what things will be like. I'll be pretty well restarting my life even if it is 3 hours away from home. I'll be staying with my cousin and his family. Not that thrilled at that, he has 3 kids, who are still under 10 I believe. My ears will bleed and my head will be exploding with aches. Hopefully all this nervous/uneasiness goes away and it won't be as bad as I'm fearing. At least this will be a career for me, I won't have to work at anymore fast-food places. I can even fund LAN trips!

    Until further updates come to pass,


    Pizza out.

  5. From a facebook rant... but it might spark some good discussion here too.

    Just saw about a 22 or 23 year old person driving around with "whiskey" plates. Very, very sad.

    In MN you get the white plates that all start with W the a letter and 4 numbers if you have 2 or more DWI's inside of the last 10 years or a very serious offense (BAC >.20). It's a mark of shame, so to speak, but not enough people know what they signify.

    I see them too frequently, which is sad. In most cases think how many times that person had driven drunk before they were caught above the limit twice...

    Some argue it's a form of harrassment - as when you have the plates, MN police officers have the right to pull you over for the most petty of offenses (previously just because they could, no reason needed). Those marked consider it it to be law enforcement abuse.

    My take is, you couldn't obey the rules of the road (let alone getting into the ethics and implications of driving drunk), therefore you forfeit the driving freedoms you would otherwise enjoy.

    Keep your eyes open, you'd be amazed at how many you'll see... if you live in Ohio, Minnesota, or Washington. I hope more states adopt them.

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    What makes a clan or family successful is it the gameplay, or is it the communication?

    Or maybe it could even be having everyone get to know each other on a personal level.

    I think a clan/family everyone should get to know everybody on both levels.

    Is it hard work to become a clan/family on the same page?

    Some may ask this while others say it's not that hard to becoming a clan/family that's on the same page.

    I believe we have a strong family that's still growing dramatically.

  6. OcR Boomer
    Latest Entry

    So I'm pretty behind on playing online with you guys. Suddenly got super busy and it doesn't look like it'll slow down in the next week or so. Anyone want to set up a specific time this week to get together and play?

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    Man last night was one of the biggest groups I've played with probably ever. Had around 12-16 people at any one time and it as a mix of OCR members, recruits, and others. It was really fun and I got some hands on training with the BR lol. Went negative for most( probably all) of the games but I never got frustrated and I just enjoyed it. Been learning a lot playing with everyone and its had a very noticeable effect on my game. I'm also getting familiar with GB or settings where the enemy doesn't show up on radar. Forces me to look around a lot more and to be more aware overall. So thanks, I'm sure with the people we have here no one person will take the credit for it ;)

    Just downloaded Gimp and I am in the process of learning how to make signatures. The layers were confusing at first but once I figured out how to navigate them it came much easier. Below is my first try after a lot of tinkering. I know it isn't flashy or even good really lol. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_01/5873efdd2756b_forumsignature.jpg.d68b1ecd904a2ba7a34424ff25efd77f.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="2" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_01/5873efdd2756b_forumsignature.jpg.d68b1ecd904a2ba7a34424ff25efd77f.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>

  7. Ok, so Jan 1st is coming, and so is the update! I'm tweaking a few things, like member-only things and such stuff like that. I still don't know what to do with that block. I'll figure it out later, I guess. The login page was tweaked just alittle bit, too. Doesn't have the WordPress logo, anymore.

    I also registered Frozen Box Comics as a business name on Friday, in the court administration records. After that, I had planned to go to the State Comptrollers Office so I can have a TaxID for it so I can make a DBA at my bank. Though they were only open until 12. I went there at around 3, so they were closed. Atleast I got half of it done. I'll have to ask for half a day off from work to get it done. Then it's full gear on KickStarter so I can get some funding. I hope. Doesn't hurt to try, and try hard. :P

    I also placed an order to print chapter 1! It's in the mail, or so I think... the status says Delivered in Orlando Florida... I live in Texas. ;/ Hopefully it'll be here Monday. I already sent an email regarding this. No response, but it's more likely thy don't work over the weekend.

    So yeah, that's all at this point. Hope to play Halo with you guys tomorrow night! Have a good night!

  8. I have perfected my speech. It covers everything. No one has any questions when I am the one saying the rules.

    "First of all, no gum or candy is allowed in your mouth. Spit it out into the trashcan before you go up. Yes, you. Second, anything heavier than a quarter piece of paper is not allowed in your pockets. Cell phones, wallets, keys, loose change - as well as hats - need to be put into a locker. If you do not have a locker already, we will provide one for you after the rules.

    "While you are on the course there will be no: running, jumping, pushing, wrestling, or horseplay of any kind. Only one person is allowed on an obstacle at a time; you must wait until that person has stepped off the obstacle and onto a purple platform before you step on. Chaperons: you and your child will count as one person, but you must remain within arm's reach at all times. If your child wants to do an obstacle alone, you no longer count as one person.

    "Each of you has a blue rope attached to the front of your harness. That rope must be kept in front of you, in between your arms at all times. You may hold onto it, but you cannot hang from it or any of the ropes up there. If you fall, stand back up; you're not going anywhere. On the 4th floor there is a gangplank with two purple ropes. Pull both ropes at the same time, then let go. When the fog horn goes off, you've beaten the course.

    "When you are all done, the slides are through a cage on the third level. Once you cross over to slides there is no going back; that is a one-way door. If you do not want to go down either slide, come down the stairs.

    "If you hear a whistle, that means someone is breaking the rules. If it is you and you do not stop what you are doing, or you continue to break the rules repeatedly, we can and will kick you off the course - no refund, no slides. We have two operators on the course with orange shirts and orange ropes; please contact them if you have need of assistance.

    "Now, are there any questions?"

    That's it. I've covered everything. Now to just watch as they give me blank stares for a few second and then -

    "Ma'am, how do I get to the top slide?"

    ...God dammit, I need a new job.

  9. Load of Suck. That is all

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    It’s remarkable what some one can do when they wake up pre-noon and feel semi-motivated. In August I will be moving into my first apartment and I want my room to have a color scheme/theme. I’m tired of having random mismatching items and since I have lived in a dark basement for the better part of my entire life, I wanted something bright and beachy... but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    I started my day with a voyage to Goodwill.* I flung open the doors and made a bee-line straight toward the furniture. I noticed the only piece without a bright orange “sold” sticker was a lonely, scuffed up end table. I looked the table over carefully, there were no major flaws or wobbliness.* I lifted the table in a manly type of way to inspect the underbelly of the beast; not one spider web in sight. I rolled the table back over and saw the price tag, $4.95.

    “Jelly Beans and Bisquick! This baby is mine!”

    I skipped over (again, in a manly kind of way) to the cashier and said, “I’d like to purchase that table over yonder.”* The lady leaned to look around me and lay eyes upon this lovely lamp seat. As she peered past me she proclaimed in a prominent voice, “Excuse me! This young gentleman purchased that!” I turned around and lo and behold “Occupy End Table” was upon us. The man, with his Mountain Dew sitting on my table -- without a coaster I might add -- would not stop yelling about how his wife and he wanted the table and how they were looking at it right at this moment... you know, the moment AFTER I bought it?.. Anyways, the lady resolved the situation with a quick “GTFO!” and that was that.*

    I meandered around the store for a few more minutes looking for other nicknacks that I could potentially use in my apartment. I came across 15 plain wooden frames for .55-.95 each as well as 1 frame that looked like a boat. It was love at first sight.. okay not exactly. Truth is I like spending money and it was the only non-garbage item on the shelf, and I felt like I had to purchase it to justify the energy I spent to reach the back of the store. I bought all of the photo frames and drove home. I purposefully ran 2 red lights, cut off a school bus, and went 79 in a 45 to make sure the camo truck I saw in my rearview was not following me.*

    I unloaded the car when I got home and thought, “I’ve wanted a theme for my apartment, why not the beach?” I got the table out and this is where my DIY Thursday picks up.

    TL;DR - Went to store, got table, rednecks hate me, I want to paint.


    For anyone wanting to do this at home you will need:


    Sanding Block

    Sanding Block (or Sander)

    Tack Cloth

    Old Magazines

    Spray Paint




    Screwdriver (for hardware like knobs/handles)

    So here is my brand-new-to-me table:


    I took out the drawer, took off the handles and sanded everything down by hand. -_-


    I sprayed a few light coats of primer on the handles, drawer, and table.*



    I finished up by doing multiple light coats of "Jade" Krylon Paint for the table and drawer and "Almond" Krylon paint for the handles. *I like the way the desk turned out and I think that it will make a good "beachy" piece and go well with my boat picture.



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    I've never been good at doing it, obedience that is, in terms of doing what I feel God is telling me to. Prime example, the Bible states that the first step of obedience after accepting Christ, is to become baptized. To show the world and your fellow believers that you have proclaimed Jesus to be Lord. Took me four years to do that.

    So anyways, I've discovered that if I feel a calling, and it's something I really want to run away from, well then it's probably God. But...I usually still run away.

    Until as of late that is. I've also discovered that if I take that leap of faith, if I let go, and let God lead, then things generally turn out ok. (Now this isn't always the case, the life of a Christian isn't always rosey.)

    About 6 months ago, I felt the call to help the youth in their worship. Well it was probably longer ago than that...but I was running, so I'm not sure. Sooooo, I reluctantly said ok...I'll do it. I'll play in the worship band with them. And I did...once. It was not a superb experience. I couldn't hear the singers,I couldn't hear my guitar, and I was scared out of my wits as 65 or so young men and women stood in front of me. And NO WAY was I singing! This was probably 4 months ago.

    About 2 months ago, we found out that our camp worship leader wasn't going to be after all. I was teased by church leadership that I should do it. We all laughed, but on the inside, I could feel that call again. About two weeks later after much prayer and conviction, I committed to leading the youth, for a week. Mind you, I'm still freaking out.

    Then, not a week ago, it was decided, by youth leadership, that we would not have the worship band lead last Wednesday. My wife calmly asked me if I wanted to. My initial reaction was a big NO. I committed to leading them at camp, and I won't do it til I have practiced every day until then. But, guess what...there it was, the call. The conviction. "Stop bring afraid" He tells me, "how many countless others have I brought through this?" So again, I committed.

    I played and sang as loud as I could for the Lord in front of 65 students and 10 or more adults. I did mess up a couple times, but many enjoyed it, and followed my lead.

    My prayer in this now, is that I can show these students an example in obedience. That running usually only brings confusion and chaos. And that my true joy, comes when I obey the Lord.

    Psalm 100.

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    Have seriously been awesome! I have started talking to this girl, who I really like. I recently got my license (Yes, I know...ridiculous) but, ask me how much money I have spent in gas :P. I recently turned 21 and later that week was my college's festival which had Lupe Fiasco, so that weekend was awesome (Drank a lot, hung out with my friend mary a lot, played a shit ton about STUMP and there was a ton of damage to my house haha). And just yesterday I was unsure what to do over summer as for work and what not. So I emailed the head grounds crew person at my school and he told me to pick up an application - I did and then just today (A day later) I got a phone call saying I got the job. So I will be living with 3 of my best friends in an apartment over the summer, working and hanging out. So today I have been celebrating, because not too long ago, things were shitty. Now they are looking up and I couldn't be more excited!


    Sorry if I'm too happy and I know I haven't been around a lot. Just letting you know whats going on. My Xbox Live ran out, so once I start making some money (week and a half) I will renew it and start playing with everyone again!