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OcR RedBlaze

Ok, so Jan 1st is coming, and so is the update! I'm tweaking a few things, like member-only things and such stuff like that. I still don't know what to do with that block. I'll figure it out later, I guess. The login page was tweaked just alittle bit, too. Doesn't have the WordPress logo, anymore.

I also registered Frozen Box Comics as a business name on Friday, in the court administration records. After that, I had planned to go to the State Comptrollers Office so I can have a TaxID for it so I can make a DBA at my bank. Though they were only open until 12. I went there at around 3, so they were closed. Atleast I got half of it done. I'll have to ask for half a day off from work to get it done. Then it's full gear on KickStarter so I can get some funding. I hope. Doesn't hurt to try, and try hard. :P

I also placed an order to print chapter 1! It's in the mail, or so I think... the status says Delivered in Orlando Florida... I live in Texas. ;/ Hopefully it'll be here Monday. I already sent an email regarding this. No response, but it's more likely thy don't work over the weekend.

So yeah, that's all at this point. Hope to play Halo with you guys tomorrow night! Have a good night!

OcR RedBlaze

I'm hating it more and more, but I have to suck it up. I'm hoping it's just a rough patch on the road. It's embarrassing, really. Management treats us like kids, it's pretty pathetic. They say one thing, and treat us like "Do as we say, not as we do" kind of attitude.

For instance, we're having this luncheon tomorrow, and I couldn't pitch it. I normally do. I bought my gf's engagement ring, and both our wedding bands. I only had $10 or so in the bank left. So I tell them, I can't help this time. Well, our supervisor gets called in by the office manager. She comes back and tells us: "I was told by management that if you can't pitch in, you can't eat and enjoy our 'fellowship' in the luncheon."

I was like, "whoa whoa whoa, first off, I always helped. Secondly, I hate you guys." Okay... so I didn't really say that out loud. But seriously. Next Saturday, they're arranging a Company party and I wasn't gonna be able to go AT FIRST. There's a graduation party that my friend invited me to. So I go up to the organizer and I tell her, I can't go. She just responded, "okay... :(". Turned out that 1) She was criticized badly by a nurse about the invitation she made. She only had Word to work with. It was nice. 2) She worked really hard to put this thing together, so I figured fine... I'll go for the dinner at least. After what happened, though? Forget the company. I'm going to my friend's party, where my "Fellowship" isn't dictated by money.


So, sadly, I'm can only log on to the forums through my phone while at work. Turns out they're monitoring everything now with the new I.T. guy. And with the new software coming up, they plan to reduce man hours. I hate my job, but I need it until this comic thing works out. Doesn't have to be Bi-Morphon, but it's a start, I hope.

Kay, so nuff of that. I just exported my comic, in english and spanish, in pdf format and I'll be sending it off to print tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. xD

I'm also putting up my site live January first. Gives me some time to change the login box n' stuff. If you guys have tips or advice or somethin, let me know! I'd be happy to hear from you. :)

Well, I'll be going now. I want to get ready and play some Halo with you guys tonight. Hoping for some CTF. :D G'night!

OcR RedBlaze

First game with OcR

And I had a blast. I did go negative in the first few games, which I swear isn't my usual. Another thing that isn't usual as that I was quiet. I'm usually talkative, but the fact that I didn't know anyone there. I didn't really wanna seem awkward, but as soon as someone mentioned minecraft, I was all over that. That was my chance and I took it.

So I uploaded a video on youtube. It's for a kickstarter project. I might end up changing some things in the video.

Here if you're interested. For some reason, I think youtube smushed it so it looks a tad distorted. Today, I might end up starting to sketch chapter 5, and start redrawing chapter 2. The redrawings won't be uploaded, but teasers will be. The good news, though, is that chapter 3 was done in manga studio, so I won't have to redo the entire thing. Chapters 1 and 2 were done in Photoshop so they HAD to be redone. Aside from looking bad.

A friend of mine is actually more excited than I am. She loves the story, and where it's going, she sees that it might be an anime one day. I just wanted to make a comic. ^^' But still... that would be pretty cool.

Well, that's it for me. Hope to play again with them, it was really fun.

OcR RedBlaze

Application Away!

Well I submitted an application to join the clan yesterday. Will I be approved? I hope so. No one really does like to get rejected, but if it happens, that's too bad, I suppose. Ultimately, I'm only looking for good people to play with. It'd be a real shame if I don't make the cut.

The rings! I bought them yesterday night! I bought all 3 all at once. Engagement ring, and both our wedding bands. Mine is made of titanium, and has a blue strip through the middle. Blue is her favorite color. So I have everything planned out. She loves to dance, so in the middle of the dance, I'm gonna have it set up so our friends would dance in a circle around us, and that's when I'd kneel down and pop the question. More details as I have this all planned out.

Frozen Box Update

My website is taking shape. I need to fix up the text to where it's more visible and pleasing to the eye. It's late now, as I just got back from the bowling alley and I'm very VERY tired. What am I doing on right now? Well since I love you all so very much, I decided to give you a small blog update. :3

That said, I'm call it a night and headin to bed! G'night everybody! :D

OcR RedBlaze

Day 3

Dear Blog,

Cooooornyyyyy. :P Anyway, one reason I joined this forum is to find people to play with. Not sure if it's because they're busy, or what not, I can't seem to find any. I also don't want to just randomly send out friend requests and spam everyone. I'm hoping to join in during the Halo Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So I was working on my website last night and it's taking shape. Link for the progress site is I'm rather excited about it. :3

What eeeelse. Oh, I'm buying an engagement ring soon. Cashed in some of my vacation time for it. Really hope it all goes well. Nervous, excited, happy. Can't tell what I feel about this. I do know, it's a day I thought would never come. Dumb luck n' all. Though with her, everything changed.

Anwho, I'm at work, so I should really stop typing and get back to it, no? :P

Fyro, rollin' away. *rolls away*

OcR RedBlaze

First Blog! :D

Hey lookit this, I didn't know of this little feature. I guess I can make little posts, updates and such here regarding... uhm... stuff. Life, maybe? I don't know. Share memes with y'all or something or other. So lets begin shall we?

So I joined this forum yesterday, and so far I like it. My goal really is to find people to play with and I found the website pretty impressive so I chose here. I shared my comic here with the community, and I'm hoping for good responses. If negative, hopefully constructive criticism.

Tonight I plan to get online and find some good matchmaking games. I was gonna mentioned about tomorrow, but I'll leave that for... well tomorrow. :3

For now, see ya! :D

This is Fyro, rolling away.

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