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For those who don't know, I've been working at DQ. I brought in my resignation on April 3, my last day is on the 21st, thank god. I hate working there. I'll be taking up a new job as a Heavy Equipment Technician in which I'll be moving 3 hours away like I had blogged earlier, I just talked to my cousin's boss and he put me down to start May 1. No interview, no prior experience, Pizza has another job by the looks of it, making hopefully 17/hr or around there. What I thought was just a few weeks trial, looks like it's more permanent. I wasn't planning on just moving completely, but it looks like that will be the case, if I like the job that is. I'm kinda nervous/scared what things will be like. I'll be pretty well restarting my life even if it is 3 hours away from home. I'll be staying with my cousin and his family. Not that thrilled at that, he has 3 kids, who are still under 10 I believe. My ears will bleed and my head will be exploding with aches. Hopefully all this nervous/uneasiness goes away and it won't be as bad as I'm fearing. At least this will be a career for me, I won't have to work at anymore fast-food places. I can even fund LAN trips!

Until further updates come to pass,


Pizza out.


I messaged my cousin earlier, and he told me he could make some calls to a company here, where I live currently, or I could move to where he is which is 3 hours away and be guaranteed a job.

This is for a Heavy Equipment Technician, and I'd be able to apprentice and start making 18 an hour which would increase to 35-45+ after 4 years.

I'm not sure where I'd stay, I also lack a driver's license and a car. I have barely any money saved.

I could just stay here, and just hope his calls work, and I wouldn't have to worry, but if it fails, I'd have to search for myself.

I suck at this blogging shit, but opinions would be appreciated.


So today..

I decided I'd play Reach, in hope to play with my fellow clan peoples, but instead, I ended up sitting here for 15 minutes, and no one wanted to play. I r sad. :'(

Forever alienated. :alien:

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