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OcR Cake

  • The previous changes to post controls broke the post area in PM's - Now Fixed except for quote button.
  • Background for the status icons in profiles has been enlarged to accommodate a line break when there are too many active to fit horizontally.
  • Improved column divider on the Who's Online Page.
  • Modified the details under the Who's Online Map.
  • More Alignment fixes.

OcR Cake

  • Social icons updated
  • Primary OcR buttons upgraded to version 5.5 (large,medium,small,small-g)
  • Threadlist colouring has been changed (new,hot,closed,sticky)
  • Forum/Thread title (hover) colour has been changed from light grey to bright blue
  • 'New posts below' bar updated to improve contrast
  • Post controls (edit, quote, rep ect.) have been updated to mitigate confusion/mistakes and are now much larger/easier to hit.
  • Avatar size in posts has been increased from 33px to 55px
  • Numerous alignment fixes
  • Image directory purged of orphaned files

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