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OcR HalfBreed

Ill rep you if you get the reference.

So Ive been pretty busy.

Sophie is just about to turn 4 in may and possibly start school (officially), Scarlett turned 1 at the end of january and is now walking, or rather running, all over the place.

The wifey ran into some medical problems with finding out that she has a Gluten allergy and that in turn caused some issues.

And on the Half front, I have been working and Taking Flying lessons, and on top of that my County EMS license expired so I'm going to be taking a new EMT-b course come summer or fall. After that Hopefully an ambo company will be hiring, But SoCal has never been a good hiring pool.

Now, I havent played Xbox in some time, as my ladies all think that its just for movies and whatnot, but i havent forgotten about you guys.

Tell me how you have been.

OcR HalfBreed

looking for some input from other parents here. As always anyones comments are welcome though.

So the oldest just turned 3 and is very much so into the terrible stage. She knows what she is not supposed to do and seems to have fun doing it. I feel like i am constantly having to just tell her "no","dont do that", "are you supposed to play with those?", ect. she also makes herself scream, says she wants to listen after being asked to repeatedly and ultimately placed into a timeout for not doing so when asked.

-An example "dont jump on the couch please Sophie." we may ask her several times to listen and not to continue jumping only to be met with "I dont want to listen" to which the ultimate reply is "OK then were going to have a little timeout" to which she starts to scream and tantrum outn "I WANT TO LISTEN" to which we reply "ok thank you" and she takes some time to cool off.

She does throw some truly spectacular tantrums.

Thats not the relationship that i want with my little girl but at the same time i really feel that i (read we) need to be consistent with her on what is ok and what is not.

I feel like im loosing my mind here a bit.

Aly thinks i am being too harsh with having to tell her something is wrong every 5 minutes it seems, but ONLY EVER tell her no or whatever when she is doing something that is against the known house rules. While I think that Aly needs to join me with being more consistent in what is ok and what is not.

Have i gone mad with power or something? I feel like i cannot allow her to just go on as if any word aly and i say to her means nothing and she can carry on.

OcR HalfBreed

so things are going pretty well in Davids World. My oldest just turned 3 years on the 3rd and the youngest just made it into 3 months so its a busy house to say the least. But as we settle moreso into our rhythms Im finding more time to do some David stuff.

I really want to head out top go dirt jumping sometime soon or at least get some downhill time in around the area.

Things are great with Aly and I, but the Baby does not like to take a bottle so she is stuck nursing alot of the time and doesnt get too much Nursing time in, Maybe some of you other dads with more grey hair than me can chime in with wisdom on what could help.

anyway, thats about it for this short update, good luck and have fun guys.

OcR HalfBreed

Another update

So since I last blogged, Things have gotten a little better, I picked up more hours doing some work in social marketing for a Aviation and Environmental law firm which has really lifted all financial stress so far, and hey... I make my own hours pretty much.

Its also given me the chance to head back to school next semester and go after a degree, or at the very least get some more credits under my belt and open up my horizons for the long term.

Also... HEY were moving!, i currently live at the bottom of Bear Mountain (Which is nice for winter snowboarding) but we got approved on an apartment in Huntington Beach and are moving down there at the end of the month...

The only bad news is i had to give up my puppy :'(.

I love all my animals, but shes back with her mom where she will be happy.... And i have my eyes set on a white german shepherd!

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2012_04/sky2_11.jpg.773e5c47834353aedc4fec7b0e23d323.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="1" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2012_04/sky2_11.jpg.773e5c47834353aedc4fec7b0e23d323.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>

So, I think thats about it for this week.

Miss gaming with you guys and hopefully now that i own reach once i get moved i can get back into the game.

Stay safe and have fun!

OcR HalfBreed

so many of you know I havent been super active lately, the truth is i got smacked with a whole lot of life at once it seems.

I havent forgotten about any of you here at my interwebs home, and feel like i should give some insight as to a little of whats been up in my world as of late.

please dont take any of this stuff as complaints because i am incredibly happy with where i am in life right now, even though it may have its rough spots.

well, i moved in with my lady and we ended up having a baby, which brings the total to 2 kids as she had 1 from before, so i am officially a father of 2. (crazy, i know :clown:)

then at the end of the year i was laid of from work, so ive been pretty busy working odd jobs until recently picking up more work for my step dads environmental law firm. But still the search continues.

Now everyone knows that ladies gain some weight while pregnant, but no one warned me that i would too! the combination of working overnight when only crap food is available and taking care of the wifey and kid during the day at home, i packed on a not so healthy few pounds.

the good news is...I have a new hobby that i actually really enjoy... RUNNING! i never thought i would be someone who enjoyed to go for a run, i try and get at least a mile in a day and when i dont i get a little stir crazy.

now being the nerd i am i have to have some fun while running, and thats why i picked this up. I highly recommend it even if it is a bit cheesy.

so thats a bit of whats been up lately in my world. Nothing too dramatic, just time consuming, as it turns out families can be.

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