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OcR Grav

Update I Guess?

So my boss is a jerk.

Potential career change incoming.

Not fired, not even in hot water, just the future of our department is too uncertain for my liking.

Gonna become a locksmith potentially, I'll keep ya'll updated.

I leave you with this.


OcR Grav

There comes a point in everyones lives where something so odd and strange happens that you have to ask yourself "Is this real life?". I have encountered such a situation today. First, there was only one chiuahuah looming ominously on the horizon, but everytime I looked back to see more and more were being added to this army of little miniature soldiers until they numbered at around 8 or 9. That's when everything changed. I guess once they had numbers they thought they had the advantage. They thought right. I proceeded to run, and hide in my work truck trying my hardest to tune out their shrill battle cries right outside yearning for my blood. I swear I could hear one of them talking, saying "Come on baby man! Do something! ". At this point I was more than a little rattled. Practically curled up into a fetal position I called animal control. I feel like the little pint sized wolves knew what I was doing because they took off, leaving me there to recontemplate my entire life up to this point.

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