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Don't Talk Shit to the One Who Hates You

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The1 NinjaKitty


Her name is "C." She's one of the newest recruits to the ropes course. There's also "P," someone who has been working on ropes long before me. C is afraid of heights, something she has willingly admitted to other ropes employees, as well as demonstrated on multiple occasions. She hates going up any higher than the second level, but someone needs to be posted on the third level.

Now P doesn't give two shits about heights, but she hates work. Deathly allergic to it, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, she could never get a doctor's note for it so she was required to spend at least one hour on the ropes course, same as the rest of us.

Anyways, the story goes like this: I had been stuck up on the third/fourth level for an hour and a half. C just replaced the employee working on the first/second level. I'm sure everyone here understands that heat rises, and there isn't exactly a large oak tree growing nearby to offer shade. In fact, the AC doesn't even go up there; the highest vent is just below the second floor. Needless to say, I was hot, sweaty, and ready to come down.

Me: Hey C, switch with me!

C: -shakes head-

Me: What? Why not?

C: I ain't goin' up there!

Me: Why?

C: I ain't goin' on the third level!

I should have seen this coming, sure, but I also thought I'd give her a fair chance to get over her fear. Instead, I called down to the ground level and had "L" switch with me. Nice girl, hope she stays.

Then I got on the phone, called my boss and said, "Would you please remind C that, as a ropes course employee, it is her duty to spend her fair share of time up on the third/fourth level, the same as the rest of us?" Of course my boss agreed with me, and of course C wouldn't accept anything over the phone. She demanded that our boss stop what he was doing, come up to the course, and tell her to her face.

So he did.

A compromise was made, actually. In thirty minutes she would move to the third/fourth floor, and the only other person who had not spent any time on the course that day - P - would go up on the first/second. A half-hour passes and I go to remind P that she needs to put on a harness. She says, "I am not going on that course. I don't care what the boss said, he doesn't work here."

Between C's repetitive refusals to go any higher than the second level (usually followed by "I'll get over my fear later"), and P's refusal to do any work whatsoever, I was at my wit's end. I was done dealing with coworkers, especially the one who thought that because I was talking to a guest I couldn't hear what she was saying behind my back. I won't repeat it; it was rather rude.

No worries, though. I reported the incident to the boss' boss and now they're both fired =D

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