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What. The. Hell.

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The1 NinjaKitty


Jemicide and I were playing Team Snipes. His connection drops, he drops - then three others follow suit. It is now down 2v2, Countdown, and my remaining teammate has no mic. After talking to myself for a minute or two, I turn my mic off and decide that if he can't give call-outs I don't even wanna bother.

Game ends. We win. Rejoin Jemi. Story over, right? No. Hell no. This kid hasn't said his two cents. He didn't get to tell me to go back to the kitchen! So, the messaging begins.

oFaTaLiTyZo: cats are so annoying

Me: Save your breath, you have to inflate your girlfriend later.

oFaTaLiTyZo: dang, exactly like a cat, all butthurt for no reason

Me: Butthurt cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred.

oFaTaLiTyZo: no mic anyways LOL, plus i don't have a gf, i failed my last one :(

oFaTaLiTyZo: the ability to be butthurt is created. are you insinuating that i transferred butthurt to you? just cuz i gave my opinion on cats or what?

oFaTaLiTyZo: that seems to be a problem, girls only like guys that compliment them

Me: Guys only like girls that compliment them.

oFaTaLiTyZo: lol w/e

oFaTaLiTyZo: lets just not talk

oFaTaLiTyZo: if u even cared about trying to be friends you wouldnt be so defensive

Would someone with a Y chromosome please explain to me what the hell just happened? I think I missed some teenage guy thing in there somewhere.

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