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First Video Game Dust-Off

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OcR Boomer


I went through with my retroactive review idea and pushed out a review of Kirby: Nightmare In Dream Land. It was pretty fun, and I'm looking forward to doing more. If you want to read it, follow the link:

I promise the link will get you there. I ain't foolin'.

Anyway, a couple of my thoughts upon publishing the first review:

  1. A lot of review advice I was seeing said to make sure you tell the reader what the controls are. So I did. And it didn't feel right. I don't think I'm going to go into detail with the buttons next time. Rather, I'll give an overall taste of how the controls feel and important mechanics implemented.
  2. I wanted to keep Design as its own section, but I think in the future, I'm going to split it into Graphics and Sound. There's too much to talk about in a single section to mash these together.
  3. Gameplay feels like it needs to be split into a few sections. I'm not sure what, though. Suggestions? Controls might be good to filter into a separate one, but I'm already planning on cutting the description of those down a bit, so it might end up as a pretty short segment.
  4. I need to keep working on the site layout. A unique background would be nice. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at web design or graphic design. I'll have to outsource that and I'm broke.

What do you guys think?

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