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Bad day at the office

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OcR RedBlaze


I'm hating it more and more, but I have to suck it up. I'm hoping it's just a rough patch on the road. It's embarrassing, really. Management treats us like kids, it's pretty pathetic. They say one thing, and treat us like "Do as we say, not as we do" kind of attitude.

For instance, we're having this luncheon tomorrow, and I couldn't pitch it. I normally do. I bought my gf's engagement ring, and both our wedding bands. I only had $10 or so in the bank left. So I tell them, I can't help this time. Well, our supervisor gets called in by the office manager. She comes back and tells us: "I was told by management that if you can't pitch in, you can't eat and enjoy our 'fellowship' in the luncheon."

I was like, "whoa whoa whoa, first off, I always helped. Secondly, I hate you guys." Okay... so I didn't really say that out loud. But seriously. Next Saturday, they're arranging a Company party and I wasn't gonna be able to go AT FIRST. There's a graduation party that my friend invited me to. So I go up to the organizer and I tell her, I can't go. She just responded, "okay... :(". Turned out that 1) She was criticized badly by a nurse about the invitation she made. She only had Word to work with. It was nice. 2) She worked really hard to put this thing together, so I figured fine... I'll go for the dinner at least. After what happened, though? Forget the company. I'm going to my friend's party, where my "Fellowship" isn't dictated by money.


So, sadly, I'm can only log on to the forums through my phone while at work. Turns out they're monitoring everything now with the new I.T. guy. And with the new software coming up, they plan to reduce man hours. I hate my job, but I need it until this comic thing works out. Doesn't have to be Bi-Morphon, but it's a start, I hope.

Kay, so nuff of that. I just exported my comic, in english and spanish, in pdf format and I'll be sending it off to print tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. xD

I'm also putting up my site live January first. Gives me some time to change the login box n' stuff. If you guys have tips or advice or somethin, let me know! I'd be happy to hear from you. :)

Well, I'll be going now. I want to get ready and play some Halo with you guys tonight. Hoping for some CTF. :D G'night!

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Hi Blaze.

Too bad to hear about your work situation. It really is a shame the way that business is going these days, what with automation and reduction of man hours and manpower in general, what's left of homeland employees, anyway...Stinks, really does. Greed is such an integral part of this world, yet so many of us walk around blind to it.

As for your new website and comic going up to print, that's great news. I would suggest asking Cake for some tips and tricks or pointers at some point - if he has the time (we keep him pretty busy around here) - as he is our resident graphics and web management guru dude thing bob.

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