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What's this button do....

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OcR Dread


First post just trying to get more active on the site and figure out how everything works. Had a pretty good Christmas this year, family didn't strangle each other so that's all you can ask for. Sometimes I'm glad it's only once a year because I don't know if my sanity could handle it. Especially hard to keep my tongue when older family members start talking about their old prejudices or use language that is frowned upon today.

If anyone knows anything about law enforcement give me some insight into this: If police do an illegal search of your vehicle everything that was found gets thrown out as evidence right? All charges pertaining to that search should be gone or am I oversimplifying it? I thought that was the case at least in the States.

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Yes. However, if they asked you to search and you consented, that's not illegal. It's only illegal if they went in while you were not present without a warrant. If they had probable cause, like they pulled you over and a drug dog started barking or whatever, that's not illegal, either.

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