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Customs and Signatures

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OcR Dread


Man last night was one of the biggest groups I've played with probably ever. Had around 12-16 people at any one time and it as a mix of OCR members, recruits, and others. It was really fun and I got some hands on training with the BR lol. Went negative for most( probably all) of the games but I never got frustrated and I just enjoyed it. Been learning a lot playing with everyone and its had a very noticeable effect on my game. I'm also getting familiar with GB or settings where the enemy doesn't show up on radar. Forces me to look around a lot more and to be more aware overall. So thanks, I'm sure with the people we have here no one person will take the credit for it ;)

Just downloaded Gimp and I am in the process of learning how to make signatures. The layers were confusing at first but once I figured out how to navigate them it came much easier. Below is my first try after a lot of tinkering. I know it isn't flashy or even good really lol. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_01/5873efdd2756b_forumsignature.jpg.d68b1ecd904a2ba7a34424ff25efd77f.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="2" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_01/5873efdd2756b_forumsignature.jpg.d68b1ecd904a2ba7a34424ff25efd77f.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>

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Thanks it was great playing with you guys too. I enjoy it more and more. Shoot alright OcR I'll remember

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