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long time no see friends.

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OcR HalfBreed


I miss you guys, I can go into detail with whats up with me these days but am really more interested in whats up with everyone around here.

so, hey guys, whats been up?

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Oh, you know, rampant misogyny in the workplace that makes me feel like that I have to outperform everyone just to keep the insults at a minimum, while half the guys there do even less work than me on a bad day. Oh, Bobby told me my job was to suck dick the other day! That felt great, real reassuring to be reminded of how my second X chromosome clearly means I am an inferior human being whose worth is based solely on my ability to please men.

I've also decided to take karate. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fear of a physical altercation with any of these men whatsoever.

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