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Release date and no game? What gives Best Buy....

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Today, 8-19-14, I have burdened the willing readers on OcR with my thin slice blog posts. I will try to keep them brief and tightly focused.

Released today is Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for consoles. I have played all of the Diablo games up to III and decided to wait for it until they worked out all the bugs AND brought it to console. When it was announced I jumped on it and pre-ordered from Best Buy (who profits GREATLY - along with Steam - from my gaming addiction). So today I was waiting in my office patiently for UPS to arrive... and it didn't come. Damn. "I'm a Elite-Plus member and a Game Club member - where the hell is my game!" and lo and behold.... it will be here tomorrow. I threw my little tantrum and then realized "they are saving me from myself anyway, I really don't have time today for the inevitable 8 hour stint into D3..." That will have to wait for the weekend.

Counter Spy came out today for the PS4 - tempted to get it however they say the gameplay has issues.... might wait for a sale and a patch or two.

In honor of my gaming addiction and desire to one day do something in the industry I have become an Enforcer at PAX Prime. Next week I fly to Seattle to work the show and enjoy the Northwest's finest city (Portland is a close second in my book) and take in HUGE crowds (which can be challenging), study and game as much as I can as its my only solo vacation without the family.

My boys are back in school and its... weird. So damn early... and having a boy in high school is ... different. His younger brother will be there in another 2 years. So things are ramping up and I am now getting lots of hockey related stuff, even though the season starts in November.

Most of all it feels like Destiny will NOT come soon enough. I will have to really clamp down on my playtime as I have been known to obsess and play the hell out of games to my detriment when something this good comes along (like playing through The Last of Us in 2.5 days and being an obsessed completionist it took 25 hours to play through...)

Lately I have finished, in addition to The Last of Us, Watchdogs (decent but not incredible) and am about 1/2 or so through Wolfenstein: The New Order and completed Max Payne 3 (I love Rockstar's games...).

If anyone is curious you can find my reviews of games on Metacritic under Natarja:

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