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  1. Load of Suck. That is all
  2. The ESPN NBA presentation is pretty good on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Who knows maybe Monday Night Football this year?!?!
  3. In days past, it was the PS3 that I turned to for my media needs. Baseball, Football, and Hockey streaming apps meant that during the seasons for these sports I would not be on Xbox Live very frequently. When I just played with friends and was involved with a competitive team and not a clan, this was ok because everyone was only online at specific times. When I joined OcR, right in the middle of baseball season, I knew that this would be a problem. The short term solution was to watch games on my laptop while playing xbox on the big tv. But what is the point of the big TV if I can't watch baseball on it? So I found myself going back to spending less time on Xbox Live and more time partaking in the digital enjoyment of America's Pastime. Now at this time ESPN3 on Xbox had been around for awhile and the presentation is great. The best part is being able to interact with the xbox community while watching sports. Even if I don't feel like playing a game right at that moment, I can hop into a party and chat to my heart's content. But while ESPN3 has a bunch of good games, they don't have everything. This summer with on the Xbox, I have already spent more time on Xbox Live than I had all of last summer. It is a great package that I would recommend to everyone without hesitation. Now if only netflix and Hulu on the xbox was as well designed and implemented as on the PS3 I would be online all the time! So if you see me online watching some sports, shoot me a message. If the Xbox is already on, I am much more likely to hop over to MW or Halo. And if you are a sports fan, 1) Get yourself as many streaming video packages as possible, and 2) reach out to me, because sports are even better with a friend!