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  1. I have a final tomorrow! ill be able to play after that though. When I'm on netflix I'm usually watching something with the gal pal and can't really play =(

  2. So I have spent way too much time stacking my sexy FIFA team in preparation for our next battle lol

  3. <3 U!!!! Excellent job as usual cakers.
  4. times such as these it makes me glad i had my race changed to barbabian giraffe. It makes reaching top shelves easier and I get to wreck jackels all day. Makes for an exciting life.

  5. somewhere in between fe089uwefh90w, and wefiup9sdf978hy fdsa uphpuhdf 90, I forgot what I was doing here to begin with


  7. cooking = chemistry! food channel rules. wish I had cable still. we used to keep it on during parties as background noise.
  8. did you bag it for him to take home?