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  1. Hey! Yea its been for ever. Its going good, living in Seattle still. I don't play Xbox much anymore, mainly CSGO on the PC. What have you been up to? Hope all is well! If you have steam you should add me! If not I'll have to hope on XBL sometime and catch up.

  2. YOOOOOOOO brother!! How have you been man? I haven't seen you online in forever

  3. I'm just poking my head around. Life has been going good, working a lot, haven't touched Halo in months though been a little distarcted with life and when I have been gaming its usually been on the PC. Day Z and CS: GO! Hopefully we get a Xbox title soon for OcR to rally behind again though, I miss gaming with you!

  4. Why you be going to BWO still? Only bad kids go there lol. How you been man? Sorry I've been MIA, life's been life. Hope all is well

  5. Happy Belated Birthday North!

  6. hklnnjafaf jk aef m mlsgdsdg l af0

  7. If you still have the trial I'll take it. I'll just save it for when we have something big like a mixer or clan match. Thank you very much. I prolly won't be able to renew my XBL until July :(

  8. you're all yellow now.

  9. Gratz on the promotion you deserve it