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  1. It could also be that the coils inside are dirty and need to be cleaned. Also, an inexpensive service.

  2. Sounds like its low on charge. This can be good and bad depending on how you look at it. Good bc refrigerant shouldn't be too expensive to recharge it (unless it is a banned refrigerant like r12 or r22 which are no longer in production). Bad bc if its low on charge, it has a leak somewhere and even if you charge it, it will be low again. Sometimes just finding and fixing the leak can cost as much as a new freezer. I would call around to a few appliance service companies and see who has the best price to come take a look at it.

  3. it's just not completely freezing things anymore. i thought i bumped the thermostat when i repainted the room, but i set it back to the highest level and it's still not really working. the compressor is always running (i think) and it gets SUPER HOT.

  4. What's wrong with your mini freezer? I work commercial refrigeration

  5. Hey you! How would you feel about having an OcR Ohio v. Michigan Halo 4 grudge match? Was thinking of hosting it sometime close to when the big football game is. Maybe a 4v4 or something. Could be a lot of fun, esp for the Ohio side. Just another thing we beat Michigan in ;)

  6. Could be worse. I could live in Michigan :P

    Besides, Labor Day we have this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WEBN

    (scroll to fireworks show)

  7. z.x,cm.,z,.nvcmbbx,x

  8. =) Plenty more to come!

  9. your guitar serenades >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything else

  10. Car break down?

  11. Yawn, you can do better than that lol

  12. oh yes, that must be because he hasn't heard of OSU yet. heeheehee

  13. The Dos Equis man doesn't always hate, but when he does, he prefers to hate the Michigan Wolverines. Stay thirsty my friend! :P