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  1. Shoot, I can't make that time frame. The earliest I could be on would be between 7:30-8:00. Dam I can def commit to practice those days, but I couldn't make it at 7 one out of two of those days. Thuresday I can make it at 7 but not Tuesday. Ill see you on ,thanks for the info spoon.

  2. Nice, you'd be a great addition. The scheduled practice says 7-9pm EST but the event scheduler has been messing up times every now and then. I'll be ready before 7 if you want to join.

  3. Ill be on tonight for practice. I'm trying to work on getting that 6th spot :). I can commit to those times each week. Talk to you in a bit. 8pm right?

  4. I wish my state would adopt this (New York), I would fully support this. I can't stand people that drive drunk, they get what they deserve. Interesting rant, I have never heard of such a policy.