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  1. Hello Everyone. This is FEAR FR33BORN speaking and i will like to tell you all everything you need to know about who i am and what i do. I am Gamer, Entertainer, Art/Graphic Designer, Music Artist, Sponsor Organizer and i help community websites and advertise peoples pages, websites, clans, videos, forum threads, community's, clubs, groups, and anything to support people. I am from Fosston, Minnesota, United States and i've lived here all my life and i am taking classes for Art/Graphic Designing and my future job is to work at 343 Industries and help them make video games and if i can want to have another job for making music for people as well if possible. I am part of many website's i am part of Halo Community, The Real Forums, The Halo Forums, The Halo Council, Twitch, XBL Gamer Hub, Grifball Hub, Rooster Teeth, Forge Cafe, Ready Up Live, Major League Gaming, Gamespot, Tumblr, Raptr, Youtube, Youtube Social, 343 Industries.org, and billions of more websites i am because i want to do want i can to support Website's and other community's and clan's and groups need for support. I am 19 years old and i have been part of the Halo Community for some time now and i am on it almost 100% of the time because there's Great people and great events to have fun on and many more to the website and i would do anything for this Site because it's amazing website for Halo Social wise in the Gaming Community. There's things i been looking for years in my gaming life and its always been a Montage for Halo games and Call of Duty games because i want to well known for gaming and be more in tournaments then anything else in the world. I spend my life playing Team Swat on Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 3 and keeping rank as being the #1 in my State for Team Swat because having a great Achievement come great Reputation and all i want is Great Reputation in this world and nothing more. I have been playing Halo sense Halo Combat Evloved was launched and i have nothing against the Halo series and the games Bungie made where amazing and now that 343 Industries owns Halo now i want be part of it and help them make halo. My friends on Xbox Live i love playing with are HC Survival and HC Superstar BR and all the members and staff members from Halo Community as well and i also enjoy playing with Coolhandjim73. RaGnarock 2215, REDNECK NINJA14. STA CROHNS. STAxTOASTx, B1azinCharizard. Beached Bru 420, Cruel Divinity, D4RK A3THER765, ddwear13, DisjoinedHook37. Eltharad. GHosT x FuSiioN, Gr0up X. H35 Overkill, HC ItsDUFFY, HC Velociraptor, HEY VOLSTAR, Life Remains, Perfect Demise, tH Hype, TadpoleAB1608, K1LL3RWOSQ1TO, zFR33BORNz. ThatBump, xSPARTANEL1TE and millions more gamers i enjoy playing games with. I love listening to Halo Soundtracks when i am on Halo Community because its very comforting to do. I don't take trash talking by no one and i don't like it when people Tea Bag and i don't smoke or drink and i do what ever i can to have fun when i am gaming. Thats all you need too know about me and i would love to game with you and your friends sometime so Send me a Message or Game Invitation sometime. Gamertag: FEAR FR33BORN My very own Personal Emoticon. <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_06/FreddyAnim01.gif.9fe241c72e5a408a722e32032a50c78f.gif" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="3" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_06/FreddyAnim01.gif.9fe241c72e5a408a722e32032a50c78f.gif" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p> "FEAR FR33BORN"