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  1. Have seriously been awesome! I have started talking to this girl, who I really like. I recently got my license (Yes, I know...ridiculous) but, ask me how much money I have spent in gas . I recently turned 21 and later that week was my college's festival which had Lupe Fiasco, so that weekend was awesome (Drank a lot, hung out with my friend mary a lot, played a shit ton about STUMP and there was a ton of damage to my house haha). And just yesterday I was unsure what to do over summer as for work and what not. So I emailed the head grounds crew person at my school and he told me to pick up an application - I did and then just today (A day later) I got a phone call saying I got the job. So I will be living with 3 of my best friends in an apartment over the summer, working and hanging out. So today I have been celebrating, because not too long ago, things were shitty. Now they are looking up and I couldn't be more excited! Disclaimer: Sorry if I'm too happy and I know I haven't been around a lot. Just letting you know whats going on. My Xbox Live ran out, so once I start making some money (week and a half) I will renew it and start playing with everyone again!
  2. Miss you buddy!