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  1. you have skype fool?

  2. get on skype sometime I have pokemon questions for you

  3. I'm pretty sure I got it, but cant reply due to my current provider and you being in Canada unfortunately.

  4. yo Grav send me a text. trying to track you down

  5. .
  6. Gratz on the promotion you deserve it

  7. Level headed leadership that realize that their job is just to steer the boat not necessarily decide where it is going. Also being friends first and teammates second is also one of the things that separates clans that last.
  8. Nice job on trolling my entire clan with the Cowboy occupation. ;)

  9. Oh Grav, you are a fountain of wisdom! If only I could gaze upon your infinite wisdom once more.
  10. props for putting yourself out there.
  11. "We have two operators on the course with orange shirts" Oh really? Do explain.
  12. .
  13. You're a loser bud. Lol bud. Get it. Only a couple more days. Are you and I having the same ideas on how to celebrate the release?