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  1. Why are you so fixated on what's in a name? It doesn't matter what you change your name to - you are still the same person to us. If you think we treat you differently now because of who you were at a younger age, then you are blind to the way things are in the rest of our eyes. You get treated no differently than anybody else - everyone gets their ribbings, everyone jokes with everyone in return. That's the way it is; and you join in dishing out "insults" with the rest of us, so you can't expect to be immune from them. You are who you are, and we like who you are. Why do you feel the need to change that?
  2. From a facebook rant... but it might spark some good discussion here too. Just saw about a 22 or 23 year old person driving around with "whiskey" plates. Very, very sad. In MN you get the white plates that all start with W the a letter and 4 numbers if you have 2 or more DWI's inside of the last 10 years or a very serious offense (BAC >.20). It's a mark of shame, so to speak, but not enough people know what they signify. I see them too frequently, which is sad. In most cases think how many times that person had driven drunk before they were caught above the limit twice... Some argue it's a form of harrassment - as when you have the plates, MN police officers have the right to pull you over for the most petty of offenses (previously just because they could, no reason needed). Those marked consider it it to be law enforcement abuse. My take is, you couldn't obey the rules of the road (let alone getting into the ethics and implications of driving drunk), therefore you forfeit the driving freedoms you would otherwise enjoy. Keep your eyes open, you'd be amazed at how many you'll see... if you live in Ohio, Minnesota, or Washington. I hope more states adopt them.
  3. If only I could contain your awesomeness in words other than "JEEBUS CHRIST YOU'RE SO EFFING COOL OMG!!!"
  4. Getting engaged? Booyah, well done. Good luck, I'm sure she'll say yes.
  5. Not much of dessert person but those ham 'n cheese pretzels look insanely delicious
  6. Short blogs are short, and lame. Full story buddy. Or at least more than two sentences... sigh.
  7. No music Rail? You get your rocks off to cooking at parties?
  8. So I leave the tv on in the background a lot, like quite a lot. Something about the background noise soothes me. Living in a small apartment makes it easy to hear from nearly any room, regardless of how loud or quiet the tv is. Nevertheless, more often than not I've got the tube turned to Food Network - fatty in me loves to hear about cooking. I've learned, been able to do things that I wasn't even aware of how to do. Prime example. A week ago I woke up a little before my alarm, walked into the kitchen and just out of the blue made a ranchero sauce for huevos rancheros. I didn't know I knew how to make that. A week earlier made a sundried tomato and goat cheese stuffed pastry. Where is this coming from? I've absorbed the knowledge of the food network! I'm certainly not going to complain. There's always been a knack for cooking in my family, something that hadn't been transerred to me until recently. I'll admit, with recipies I can be a pretty-good cook. But, when it comes to freeform and just winging it things can get ugly. Keep trying weird and unconventionaly meals; that's what I'm going to work on. It would be nice to finally add some recipies of my own to the family cookbook for a change!
  9. Thanks for the well wishes, should I qualify the true tournament is in mid June about 10 minutes west of Chaska - a much closer drive - thankfully. That is a 3-day tournament which brings together the best from the 10 or so qualifying events.
  10. Well, it's finally time for me to pull the trigger. My game is in line (I hope), it's time to get back into competitive golf. My goal of playing in college were never realized, and it was not the result of a lack of effort. Perhaps it was for the best in the end that I didn't make the team - especially given my course load my senior year. Next Wednesday will mark my first competitive event (other than with a small tournament of friends) in over 2 years. Do I still have the nerves to handle those 4 footers? Honestly, I have no idea, but I'll find out next Wednesday. One way or another... Here's the tournament I'll be playing in. Wait a second... correction, I'll be attempting to qualify for. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I'm going to need it. I've got to say that there is a little bit of dramatic imagery to this story. I'll be playing this tournament about 1.5 hours south of Minneapolis, right next to where I tried to qualify for the college golf team a few years ago. If this one doesn't go so well I've got another qualifier, going on right after the LAN this July.
  11. What is this? Iunneven...