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  1. Good stuff! Glad to have you around man!
  2. Cleared a spot on my FL for ya. I'm mostly into Blops at the moment, but I'll get on Halo now and then.

  3. My "father in law" does that. He makes a crap ton of money not only doing that but selling said heavy equipment for hundreds of thousands.
  4. I've never been good at doing it, obedience that is, in terms of doing what I feel God is telling me to. Prime example, the Bible states that the first step of obedience after accepting Christ, is to become baptized. To show the world and your fellow believers that you have proclaimed Jesus to be Lord. Took me four years to do that. So anyways, I've discovered that if I feel a calling, and it's something I really want to run away from, well then it's probably God. But...I usually still run away. Until as of late that is. I've also discovered that if I take that leap of faith, if I let go, and let God lead, then things generally turn out ok. (Now this isn't always the case, the life of a Christian isn't always rosey.) About 6 months ago, I felt the call to help the youth in their worship. Well it was probably longer ago than that...but I was running, so I'm not sure. Sooooo, I reluctantly said ok...I'll do it. I'll play in the worship band with them. And I did...once. It was not a superb experience. I couldn't hear the singers,I couldn't hear my guitar, and I was scared out of my wits as 65 or so young men and women stood in front of me. And NO WAY was I singing! This was probably 4 months ago. About 2 months ago, we found out that our camp worship leader wasn't going to be after all. I was teased by church leadership that I should do it. We all laughed, but on the inside, I could feel that call again. About two weeks later after much prayer and conviction, I committed to leading the youth, for a week. Mind you, I'm still freaking out. Then, not a week ago, it was decided, by youth leadership, that we would not have the worship band lead last Wednesday. My wife calmly asked me if I wanted to. My initial reaction was a big NO. I committed to leading them at camp, and I won't do it til I have practiced every day until then. But, guess what...there it was, the call. The conviction. "Stop bring afraid" He tells me, "how many countless others have I brought through this?" So again, I committed. I played and sang as loud as I could for the Lord in front of 65 students and 10 or more adults. I did mess up a couple times, but many enjoyed it, and followed my lead. My prayer in this now, is that I can show these students an example in obedience. That running usually only brings confusion and chaos. And that my true joy, comes when I obey the Lord. Psalm 100.
  5. HERzP DerPaDIN!!!