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  1. 21st birthday parties should last for 21 days. Just sayin'

    BF is coming from Canada...hopefully a nice, safe, calm country that the USA won't freak out about.

    Looking forward to the D&D tweets....out of context quotes are always some of the best reading material!

    When do you usually get on? My playing is sporadic but at least a few times a week with some OcR guys. And the Party Up feature is always worth it in my opinion!

  2. Wel, that sounds like a plan. :) If i do know ahead of time about some free time, I'll shoot you a message. I'd love to get some halo in with you and the OCR folks. So many shenanigans. xD As for D&D, I've been playing my first ever campaign starting about two months ago and it is flippin amazing! I'm now sad that I didn't start sooner. Ill try to put up some tweets during our next session on sunday.

    As for the IRL stuff, I do hope that everything works out with your BF! Where is he immmigrating from?

    Also, If this message fails to makes sense at any point, I apologize, for I am currently recovering from my 21st birthday party/weekend that continued all the way from Thursday to Monday. xD

  3. On the real life front my boyfriend and I are working on finding an immigration lawyer and a job so he can move to the US. Then we can get a place together and have sex all the time. Also playing LOTS of D&D and getting ready to run a game at a small Rooster Teeth convention in a few weeks.

    On the video game front still playing Halo. Just finished the campaign in Rainbow Six Vegas 1 since it was the free Gold game this month and I'd never played a Tom Clancy FPS before. Was interesting and fun but a bit frustrating...tactical AI is not my thing. Probably going to trade in Skyrim soon for Gears of War Judgement, as I never got a chance to play that and Baird is my favorite Gears character.

    If you're ever up for Halo just shoot me a message. Not a lot of Wheelmen on recently but a fair few OcR, so we can usually put together a mixed party!

  4. I am doing quite well. :) Im in school and got almost all my stuff in order. Just started a new job and I have a girl friend. Between those three things I hardly have any time for video games now, but I do try to get time in when I can. Lately I've been playing dark souls as Halo 4 hasnt really held my interest. What have you been up to?

  5. Oh hi!

    Yeah they haven't been updating as often as they used to, but it's still a fun site.

    How YOU doin??

  6. Hi Oboe,

    Just wanted to let you know that the website you mentioned forever ago, Fat,slutty, or ugly, just got mentioned on Cracked.com and a few other news places. Though you might like to know. I hope you are doing well. See you around!