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  1. Are you using H.264 codec? You can also try 24fps, and set your bit-rate 8-10,000 if you haven't already. You can also try adjusting audio bitrate. If you figure out a way to send the clip to me I can take a look using Adobe Media Encoder if you want.

  2. If you want my help with something you should actually respond to me once in a while!

  3. What was that post you made on my profile about?

  4. Did you change your cell # again?

  5. Someone has a Mikasa crush, Up!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday North!

  7. The previous changes to post controls broke the post area in PM's - Now Fixed except for quote button. Background for the status icons in profiles has been enlarged to accommodate a line break when there are too many active to fit horizontally. Improved column divider on the Who's Online Page. Modified the details under the Who's Online Map. More Alignment fixes.
  8. Social icons updated Primary OcR buttons upgraded to version 5.5 (large,medium,small,small-g) Threadlist colouring has been changed (new,hot,closed,sticky) Forum/Thread title (hover) colour has been changed from light grey to bright blue 'New posts below' bar updated to improve contrast Post controls (edit, quote, rep ect.) have been updated to mitigate confusion/mistakes and are now much larger/easier to hit. Avatar size in posts has been increased from 33px to 55px Numerous alignment fixes Image directory purged of orphaned files
  9. Just beat AC: Brotherhood...finally. Now on to Revelations, but should I buy it for steam or 360 hmm...

  10. Oh god, then who am I texting these creepy messages..

  11. Answer your texts!

  12. Whaaa, makes no sense....do you have a thing for ron?

  13. Hey Arik, I'm a little late but thanks for the Birthday wish (I never got a notification of your comment, just saw it now)

  14. ERMARagaadERP!!!

  15. I love you.
  16. Yup. Good to hear from you Half. Glad that things are okay. Good luck with job finding and your new hobby, that app seems pretty interesting!.
  17. Just thought it was lame that your only profile comment was from yourself.

    Also, why is your avatar's ear so itchy?