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  1. Oh, you know, rampant misogyny in the workplace that makes me feel like that I have to outperform everyone just to keep the insults at a minimum, while half the guys there do even less work than me on a bad day. Oh, Bobby told me my job was to suck dick the other day! That felt great, real reassuring to be reminded of how my second X chromosome clearly means I am an inferior human being whose worth is based solely on my ability to please men. I've also decided to take karate. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fear of a physical altercation with any of these men whatsoever.
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  4. Where are the responses? Those seem vital to the both plot and character development. The suspension you have here is nice, the mystery is pretty good, but you should allow the reader to sympathize with the main character here by having responses that refuse to answer most of the questions your MC has, which means both the reader and the MC are in the same boat.
  5. YAY! Welcome back, Otter! And neat costume! I've seen my fair share of furry costumes over the years I've been going to conventions. It looks like it's got a bit of African Painted Dog in it.
  6. Whoo! I know we don't play much but I do want to meet you at a future OcR LAN. Also, just a warning, I would edit out your last part before Grav sees it.
  7. Oh I'm just writing it lol. I don't know if I'm going to let anyone read it but it will be written.
  8. "It's times like these that make me say, Lord if you see me please come my way." Damn good song, thanks for reminding me. Also, having a gluten allergy sucks, but it's still possible to enjoy all manner of candies and stuff. I've got a friend who's gluten-intolerant, too, and she's actually probably better off than me in terms of health because of it. How have I been? Well, my friend has jacked my XBL account to play ME3 with my DLC. I should probably have said something about that in the official absence thread or something. I'm writing a space pirate superhero soap opera to pass the time while I wait for her to finish. It's awesome, I know, but try to contain yourself, please.
  9. OMG I knoooowww =D

  10. the butt jiggle .gif in your sig is ON POINT. that is all.

  11. Yes. However, if they asked you to search and you consented, that's not illegal. It's only illegal if they went in while you were not present without a warrant. If they had probable cause, like they pulled you over and a drug dog started barking or whatever, that's not illegal, either.
  12. 1.) I'd totally let you borrow my Steam account if you're interested in playing/reviewing any of the games I have. I do this for another friend; I set a certain window that I'll remove my card information and change the password to one that she knows, and she's welcome to sign in as me during that window. This is usually while I'm on a Halo binge or away on vacation. 2.) Not to be mean, but, everyone's a critic. What do you bring to the table that's better than every other critic, that'll make you stand out and get the publicity that you want?