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  1. Hi Envy,

    Several weeks ago I inquired of Cake why my xbox gamer profile is not showing up on my OcR profile page. It is still to appearing. I also do not appear in the "Who's Online" page.

    With the help of BubbaSkull we went through my xbox profile to make sure the settings were not blocking anything like social media.

    Could you check into what the issue may be, and possibly correct it? Rumor has it that you are a bit more technically savvy than Cake. :^)

    Thanks in advance.

    OcR Knightmare

  2. GG this week. I have a feeling I'm gonna be stuck riding spiller to last place lol

  3. Hey if you guys still need another for the ggn fantasy league hit me up. I'm down

  4. NAT

    You need to be setting a static ip on your xbox else each time you start it up it could potentially be a different ip.
  5. Who's online is the best tool to use, if you see a member online you are encouraged to send a FR.
  6. props
  7. He was trying to flirt with you and you made it hard. Teenage guys flirt by "teasing".
  8. Just starting to enter this phase so I can't give you a tested solution but making them stand in a corner seems to be tad amount to torch-er and gets the point across.
  9. Can't help ya there we had the opposite problem. Kid didn't take to nursing at all went straight to pumping to a bottle.
  10. Lame. Forget Bitches Acquire Currency.
  11. Hey guys, Envy is my daddy.

  12. We don't allow HTML in posts my friend.
  13. Great use of the blog functionality right here. Miss ya.