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  1. The song Faith just posted is top 10 in the U.K.
  2. Yeah, fun playing with you, Dread. I'm glad you're noticing a difference in your awareness, that's great!
  3. Everybody go ahead and vote this as 5 star, please. We're testing to see what happens when a blog receives the highest rating. Grav helped us here in writing a test blog, so please do your part in voting for us. Thanks. One day in your courts is better than 9001 elsewhere!
  4. Hi Blaze. Too bad to hear about your work situation. It really is a shame the way that business is going these days, what with automation and reduction of man hours and manpower in general, what's left of homeland employees, anyway...Stinks, really does. Greed is such an integral part of this world, yet so many of us walk around blind to it. As for your new website and comic going up to print, that's great news. I would suggest asking Cake for some tips and tricks or pointers at some point - if he has the time (we keep him pretty busy around here) - as he is our resident graphics and web management guru dude thing bob.
  5. Don't be afraid to jump in on conversation. Nobody will shoot you down for contributing or make you feel like an outsider. If they do, you know who to come to. Glad that you enjoyed playing with us. Get on it and send out invites; let people know you want to play. Do not wait for them to invite you.
  6. Indeed...One thing with you being a newcomer is that we like to see initiative from you. It goes a long way if you send out FR's to Members and ask to play - Don't be shy, we don't bite. Things are in the works for the next few weeks, you'll hear more later.
  7. Ahh yeah. When I had a TV around I always had it running in the background on Food Network, SportsCenter reruns, or Family Guy.
  8. Great read, Veg. Thank you.
  9. Hey guys, Envy is my daddy.

  10. Legendary you say? I don't believe you. You have yet again lied to me

  11. Well, good luck to you on that man. I'm currently pursuing completion of Legendary over here.

  12. Yeah their is this game called Life...I Beat it on the easiest difficulty, currently trying Normal.

  13. I'm sorry, but have you ever been any good at a single video game you've played in your life?